Traditional Tết holiday or shortened as Tết (06/02/2017)
Traditional Tết holiday or shortened as Tết, is the time for us to come back home after a term of hard work at university. It is such a long holiday that you can flee away from books and exercises. Dont forget to do the following.
1. Decorations 
It is time for you to help your parents to decorate your home sweet home with new paint, flowers and trees. It is beleived that new decoration of home will brings happiness in the new year for the family.
2. Visiting relatives, friends and old teachers.
Tết is the  time for reunion. You should spend time for your beloved ones after a long time away to university. You then will see happiness and joy in their eyes. A trip to somewhere will be a nice experience, too.
3. Homework
Tết is long and full of joy, happiness and events. However, you will have to come back to university soon. If you have finish all of your exams, then you can plan for the next term and revise the old lessons. If you will have to take part in exams after Tết, please have a detailed plan for your revision. Tết will end soon and exams will come soon, too.
Happy new lunar year to you all!!! 

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